Come llama trekking with some Roseland Llamas
                                                          in Dorset, The Forest of Dean, or Snowdonia...

Trekking in Dorset

Set in spectacular countryside near the Dorset Heritage Coastline, here you are offered a variety of rural and coastal treks to suit the energetic and the not-so-energetic alike.

"Introduction to Llama" sessions are also offered which is a great way to learn more about these lovely animals. A
selection of young RoseLand  Llamas  (see below)  that have received extra halter and lead training and even some trekking experience are available to buy.

Bed and breakfast is offered in a lovely, characterful, beamed cottage where ducks, chickens and guinea fowl wander freely around the llama pens and the beautiful lake. Many visitors return for second, third and even fourth treks - a great testimony to the pleasure given.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a fantastic weekend. We are really smitten with the llamas and can't wait to come back again. They are real stress busters and are fantastic company for a country stroll."  C.

Please email for more information about trekking, introductory course, bed & breakfast visits, or the llamas for sale (see below)...

We're for sale...

    ... It's in black and white  !   

A handsome pair of young llamas being trained to trekking standard at the Dorset Trekking Centre.
Now sold:
 one  in a group going to Yorkshire and one to The Channel Islands

If you might like to buy llamas for trekking or simply as very well trained field pets, please email.
For other llamas for sale, click here!


The Snowdonia Llama Centre,
Snowdonia, Wales

Treks on Mount Snowdon and around the National Park and forests offer the high point in llama trekking: anything from morning or afternoon jaunts with a picnic at the end, to serious hikes. And in all cases accompanied by some of the six llamas supplied by RoseLand,  who will carry packs with food and equipment. 

The views are absolutely breathtaking and we hope that our llamas will add an extra, unique dimension to visitors' enjoyment of the Snowdonia National Park.

The Snowdonia Llama Centre
Call: 01766 530444 Mob: 07801 239747 (evenings & weekends)


Coming Summer 2003

The Forest of Dean

SevernWye Llama Trekking

RoseLand  are delighted to have supplied SevernWye with their trekking llamas and wish them lots of luck with their new venture.

  Email for more details & ...

    ... Watch this space     


Stay on our llama farm - Holiday cottage at Roseland Llamas available from Easter 2003