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Llamas are fascinating and enchanting animals: perfect to graze and grace your land be it for farm diversification, a business enterprise, or purely for pleasure.

Llama breeding, llama trekking, and llama wool all offer worthwhile commercial opportunities: ideal for land owners wishing to diversify or improve their return on under-utilised land, and for tourism initiatives ranging from B&B enterprises to estates open to the public.

Llamas make delightful field pets for private owners too: whether just a small group in a paddock or a herd for parkland. They are easy to look after, good with children, safe with family pets, and ideal company for horses and other livestock. 
Llamas can also be selected to offer effective protection against predators - looking after flocks of sheep or goats, and even free-range poultry and ducks.

 It is no wonder therefore that...

Llama ownership is becoming ever more popular here in the UK as people discover that llamas are possibly the world's most versatile farm & companion animals; and certainly among the most beautiful and elegant.

It was on a six week back-packing visit to Peru in 1984, that Paul and Judy Rose became enchanted by the elegance, versatility and fascinating character of these quiet, intelligent and gentle animals so little known outside of South America.

Returning with the idea that it might be fun to have a llama or two, the Roseland herd is now one of the largest and longest established in Europe.

And therein lies the one disadvantage of these lovely animals: you can get well and truly 'hooked'!

We hope these pages will help kindle the same excitement and interest in llamas that Paul and Judy experienced when they first encountered them in the Andes: also that they will answer many of your questions and encourage yet more! And if you decide that you might like to own a llama or two ~ or twenty-two ~ we hope very much to welcome you as Roseland clients.


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Llamas: For pleasure or profit - field pets, trekking, livestock guardians, fine fibre, farm diversification, or just to graze and grace your land. Welcome to Roseland